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Here's a chance for you to tell your story and nobody's gonna stop you!

What I love about this page is for all you BTT freaks/fans/kooks is to share your thoughts and funny, touching or just plain fun stories of you with BTT or just watching them with others. :)

On this page, I'll share comments and stories I've received in my email account. In emails I will respond to all questions. So drop me a line and don't let me down! ;)

My youth group and I went to Missionfest in Fayetteville NC to see By The Tree. IT WAS AWESOME. It was the second time I’ve seen them in concert. Chuck wasn’t there so Aaron was doing lead vocals and playing the guitar and Ben sang some of the verses to songs but mostly the chorus with Aaron. While a guy named Shaun I think played the drums and Ben was of course on the bass. We were right smack in front of the stage and it was awesome! We were some of the only ones jumping up and down and singing, and Aaron told us we were awesome and told the rest of the crowd to act like us. And by the end of the concert, everyone was jumping. Aaron also did a little sermon of how important it is to know God and he then lead a prayer for those who don’t know God yet. Plus we took tons of pictures. After the concert, we met them and got autographs as well as pictures. We also talked to them and they told us of how awesome we were and they hope to see us at another concert soon. ~Erin