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Show Reviews

"You guys doin' alright?"

Concert Reviews by me and others. :)

April 3, First Assembly of God; Ft. Myers FL
I was down in Florida on vacation and they were playing at Fort Myers, not too far from Anna Maria (where I was staying) unfortunatly the band did not arrive at the venue or they cancelled...something. If anyone knows why the guys didn't show email me, my curiousity is peaked. ;)  
November 5-6, Assembly of God; Grand Rapids MI

This was a smashing show as always but spectacular considering the guys only had "two hours of sleep" cuz they "flew up from Atlanta and left the bus down there." I got to the venue a little bit late, got my bracelet (the kind that you snap on and can't unsnap) and in my haste snapped it on my wrist were it was so big it kept falling off, so i just stuffed it under my watchband. By The Tree started out with Beautiful One (which they sang 2-3 times during the two days they were there) and continued with praise and worship songs like In the Secret, God of Wonders and We Fall Down.
During their given concert time they sang songs off Hold You High, Root and Invade my Soul. rubber balls flew up on the stage so Chuck and Ben had fun with those---until Chuck hit a chick with a ball upside the head ((funny)) and he apologized like... 3-4 times- she was fine though, and Chuck stuck his head out in the crowd once and i was ducking, (afraid that Chuck would sweat all over me- JK!) and this kid hit Chuck upside the head at point blank range, pretty funny, Chuck thought it was pretty funny too.
There were brothers from Rockford, IL standing in for Aaron and Charlie/Kevin and they were great. :)
By The Tree played one secular song, You Wreck Me, by Tom Petty which is still stuck in my head.
Chuck's old sliver-top (not the one that was stolen) was duck-taped and obviously not wanting to work because Chuck punched it twice and tuned it a couple times.
Chuck's preaching/talking/sermon was great as always; there were a couple people around me (including me) who were touched by Chuck who talked about how everything in this world is going to fade away some day, and famous icons or celebrities are not nessassary happy people, because they emmerse themselves in earthy things that don't bring the peace and love that God gives us.